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Year Long Thanksgiving


Giving thanks. How often do you take a moment to express appreciation for a person, place or something as joyful as that first cup of coffee in the morning? Around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving (for North Americans), Christmas and New Years, we all dig deep to find and share our gratitude with one another which contributes to the very spirit of these holidays. But what about the rest of the year? How often do you find yourself expressing gratitude for any single aspect of your day, week or year?

My awareness for the act of daily thanksgiving changed last year after I read a column in MindFood magazine that pointed out the positive benefits of starting the day with thanksgiving. This made sense to me but between work, household duties, social events, personal development and everything in between, who has time and can remember to do this?

Well, I have come to realize the answer to my question is that everybody has time to take a moment to give thanks for what makes them happy. It doesn’t need to be glamorous, huge or newsworthy. Think about some of the small delights of the day like a delicious glass of wine or it could be the bus driver who made a joke and brought a smile to your face. And as far as having the time goes, I’m finding there are pockets of time throughout the day that can be dedicated to such reflection. In the car while stuck in traffic, the walk to work, while stirring the sauce on the stove top – we all have these slots of time so capitalise on the moment and give thought to what brought joy to your day or something that is constant variable in your life but is taken for granted

The lovely part of thanksgiving is that you can approach it however best suits you whether it is through prayer, reflecting in a quiet space or sharing your thanks with someone. My good friend, Sara Gille, has an inspiring and interesting approach to recognising what she’s thankful for. She has built a visual Thankful collection on Tumblr which you can take a look at here. Such a simple but very profound approach to daily gratitude practice. In fact, Sara is the one who has re-ignited the gratitude spark for me – so I am very thankful for her positive outlook and for reminding me of this very important daily act so now I take pen to journal everyday. No matter how tired or busy I am, I always manage to take a few moments to reflect on life’s delights, big and small.

Do you take a moment from your day to reflect on what brings you joy? Is it a mental list, prayer or do you have a special ritual for capturing the things you are thankful for?