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Travel hiatus over!


I have not visited a new country since 2008 and being someone who loves to explore, travel and has dreamt of seeing all sorts of pockets of the world, this has been a long three years. Next month my partner, Matt, and I will head to Vietnam for two weeks of amazing sights and culture, I’m certain.

One part of this trip will be special as we’re going on a site visit with Room to Read, who I work for. Room to Read is a global organization that works with local governments and NGOs in Asia and Africa to establish literacy and girls’ education programs. I have been with Room to Read for a year and was involved as a Sydney chapter volunteer before that for about two years. There has always been a piece missing from the puzzle though and that was actually seeing some of the work Room to Read has done. I don’t have all of the details at this time but know the site visit will involve a bit of travel out to a rural part of Vietnam. Because of the time it takes, we’re staying overnight nearby the project which in itself will be a unique and valuable experience. I’ve been told over and over by others who have been fortunate enough to see Room to Read’s work that it is remarkable to see how the work we do day in and day out, translates to real solutions in the communities we work in.

Room to Read school in Vietnam

Students in a Room to Read school in Vietnam

After we have had our Room to Read experience, it looks like we’ll embark north, towards Hanoi which will serve as a hub for hopefully some adventures in Sapa and Halong Bay. Nothing is set in stone but much of the fun in planning a trip is to explore the possibilities but leave room for spontaneity!