Storms and sunsets

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer. However when presented with such beauty nature takes care of the hard work for you – no Photoshop required. Such was the case this week when we witnessed spectacular sunsets and storm clouds. I found myself sitting on the balcony, transfixed on the fairy floss (cotton candy to North Americans) clouds, feeling like all was right in the world.  Threatening but beautiful storm clouds rolled in on another evening. Charcoal and deep blue clouds blanketed most of the sky but left a corner for large, fluffy clouds bathed in the glow of the sunset in the other direction. I love when dusk gives us such visual treats.

Storm clouds at sunset


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3 Responses to “Storms and sunsets”

  1. Aaron Woods Says:

    Those 2 middle pictures are unreal. Wow! What camera were you using? Btw, I didnt even realize you had this blog.

  2. Sunset after the Storm | An Ever Changing Sky Says:

    […] Storms and sunsets ( Rate this:Spread the word:MoreLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Posted in Photography […]

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