Yoga saves

When yoga practice becomes more of a way of life rather than an exercise routine done once or twice a week, an interesting transformation begins.Though I have been doing yoga on and off with spurts of consistency for the last 10 years, this year I have made a pact with myself to strive for commitment to yoga and meditation practice. As the days pass, I find myself enjoying life simply by being in the present, approaching the day with more humour and above all, loving. I know that must really sound like ramblings of a hippie but it’s simple really. Love, laugh and be present. In many ways yoga has saved me. Not only am I realizing how to find happiness within but I am also equipped with a stronger confidence and self-awareness.

Frankly, I’m still a beginner. My journey began when I was 17 years old and followed the MTV Yoga video (on VHS!) hosted by Kristin McGee several nights a week. After graduating high school and started university in Minnesota, I was restricted by space and time, so these years my practice suffered as I only practiced once a month at most. There was a turning point when I thought back to how I felt when I did do yoga and wondered why I didn’t do it more. From then I steadily increased my sessions but still never hit the ‘sweet spot,’ so to speak. Now after living in Australia for four years, ten years since I first discovered yoga through MTV, I have unearthed the mental and physical well-being I am capable of achieving.

I am looking forward to 2012 and really allowing yoga to be part of my daily life. For a few years I have been making excuses for not doing the 40 day revolution, at BodyMindLife, a yoga studio in Sydney. The 40 day revolution is a journey and personal challenge, inviting a life changing transformation. The challenges requires five days of studio practice, one day of at-home Vinayasa practice, one day of active rest, and morning and evening meditation over forty days. All of this always sounded appealing to me but also very daunting so have found excuses as to why I couldn’t possibly sign up for such an event. I’ve realized now that it isn’t necessarily about ‘winning’ the challenge but rather about trying and encouraging personal growth.

Everybody who does yoga has a story as to why they first stepped to the mat, whether it was to lose weight, learn to become more focused or to find a bit of tranquillity in a busy life. Yoga is a wonderful way to achieve all of these and being open to it, you can gain some results that you would have never imagined. I for one am loving the journey and learning how to live with more presence, focus and energy.


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4 Responses to “Yoga saves”

  1. savasana addict Says:

    Thanks for your post! I found that even though I might have started out on the yogic path to gain strength, flexibility and calmness, what’s left after all these years is just two things: dedication and devotion. It’s amazing how a daily practice can transform things. I just love it more every day! 🙂

  2. Pamela Cook Says:

    Very inspiring Katie. I have Ben a yoga on and off-er since I did a prenatal course with my last child who is now 11. For the last few years I have been more off than on but each time I do go I wonder why I am not there a lot more. I also used to meditate but life has trashed that practice too. Feeling inspired by your post though and will look at scheduling both back into my days. The 40 day plan sounds amazing!

  3. Audrey Kohlbeck Says:

    I did not know you did yoga in high school, or did I know and forget. What a great article none the less, wants me to start yoga. Ohhhh maybe we could start a studio in the front part of the barn!

  4. Alex Says:

    As someone currently practicing once a week (went earlier today before reading this) this is really timely and inspiring. Good info to have! Keep writing about it if you can find the time.

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